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Need some free pdfs of texts? try ebook sharing website zlibrary (Thanks to the FBI zlibrary is dead. i can't bring myself to remove this yet though) and The Anarchist Library.

a place to scan and upload the zines and other materials I physically have for access

To be added:

- The Radical Zine v.2 Fight poverty, not the poor (not accessible here, but is the zine featured in this 2019 event RCNV: Radical Zine Reading & Art Show Night

- Protecting our water: Legal Strategies for Movement Activists Book 1: Pre-Action by Pipeline Legal Action Network

- Introduction to the IWW September 2020

- ANARCHISTS ARE GOING TO EAT YOUR CHILDREN and other myths, misinformation & misunderstanding (Question and answer guide about anarchy, the Eugene community, and everything.)

- The Healing Power of a Precinct on Fire

- Subjects to Change Presents: A SAFE SPACE Zine

- Cedar Riverside: history of a haven. scenes, tales & thoughts from the neighborhood, compiled by Jessie Merriam with student and neighborhood collaborators

- Skin Care Guide for People Who Use Injection Drugs by Kate Lacour for NEXT Distro

some pdfs i had saved uploaded by others

Revolution & Us: A Pocket Guide to Direct Action

The Past Didn't Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All of Our Movements

White Supremacy Culture

The Report of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey

Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

Learning Good Consent 2 from Philly's Pissed dot Net

What to Do When: Someone Tells You That You Violated Their Boundaries, Made Them Feel Uncomfortable, or Committed Assault

helping your friends who wanna die maybe not die

Sour Queers Press' 1st COVID Zine

Covid Public Health Education

Slingshot Collective Newspaper, Issue 137 Spring 2023

DIY Guide II, CrimethInc, 2002

One Big Union: The Principles and Goals of the Industrial Workers of the World

Preamble, Constitution & General Bylaws of the IWW (amended through January 2022, organized July 7 1905)

The Ghetto Garden: DIY Country Trash Livin'

how it might SHOULD BE DONE by IDRIS ROBINSON, On strategic potentialities unleashed by the George Floyd rebellion

You Are Not Entitled to Our Deaths: COVID, Abled Supremacy & Interdependence by Mia Mingus

Part 1 Part 2 PRACTICING A LOVE ETHIC IN THE ONGOING PANDEMIC, Essay written and recorded by Ji-Youn 지연

HIV Facts, a Zine by Southside Harm Reduction Services

some more websites Open a window somehwere in the world for free. (I like this site far less now that it keeps removing features and putting up ads/paywalls however the original concept I still love)

Drive & Listen Listen to local radio stations while driving through cities around the world.

Working Class History's Story Map History isn't made by kings and politicians, it is made by us: billions of ordinary people. This is a map containing our historical stories of our collective struggles to build a better world.

Better Future Program's Liberation Library In today's world, education is monetized, a luxury provided only to those with capital. The reality is that not everyone can afford the materials currently being hidden behind endless paywalls. Our solution? Better Future Program now provides over 3,000 free social justice, mental health, and academic resources, and we're collecting new resources every single day.

free web design tools and general web shit

domino A tool for collaging thoughts. Unique tool for web publication and samizdat.

UnsplashHigh-res free images & pictures.

YTMP3 Youtube to MP3 converter.

Guerilla Mail Disposable temporary email address.

Fraidycat A desktop app/browser extension for Firefox or Chrome, to follow people on whatever platform they choose.

Marginalia Search An independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, and attempts to show you sites you perhaps weren't aware of in favor of the sort of sites you probably already knew existed.

^ a generator using my to-read list - always in-progress