wood floor with electric cords, jarritos bottle, plastic bags, arizona bottle, trolli gummi bag, and testosterone box


courage the cowardly dog gif blinkie "everything has beauty but not everyone sees it" blinkie "pride is not being afraid of who you are" blinkie "I am still angry!!!" blinkie "I HATE Squarespace" blinkie "LANDBACK" blinkie "autism" blinkie with letters on fire "I love you!" blinkie with hearts "BURN IT ALL DOWN!" blinkie

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" blinkie "Ask a question and you may look foolish for a minute, dont ask and you remain foolish for a lifetime" blinkie with sunflowers "I support drawing in class" blinkie with pencil on it "I brake for used book stores" blinkie "HELP! Im online and I cant get out!" blinkie "Youre never too old to love a teddy bear" blinkie with pink teddy bear, green background

"YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO PROPAGANDA" Garfield stamp "TRANSGENDER" trans flag blinkie with smiley face and trans symbol "I support right to repair" blinkie "too many tabs!" blinkie "I will survive" blinkie "BI PRIDE" stamp

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"Love a Rainy Night" blinkie with windshield wipers "Yes Im Pleasantly Plump, You Skinny Bitch!!!" blinkie roly poly stamp with a heart "gay people" blinkie "Dont play stupid with me, Im better at it" blinkie

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*gasp* I fear vertical flametwo halves of a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese stretching between themvertical flame it is too late!

the deli conundrum, the breakfast breakdown, the hoagie palace, whatever you may call this location - its primordial force is sensitive to visitors..

here you may be stuck in the dripping cheese... unless you complete a visit to all corners of the realm!

McDonalds mcmuffin is the link for the "about" pageabout B.L.T. sandwich is the link for the "journal" pagejournals lamb gyro in blue checkered paper is the link for the "library and archive" pagelibrary & archive meatball sub sandwich is the link for the "GENDER?" boardGENDER? picture of patty melt does not have a link"blog" picture of fried chicken sandwich does not have a linkno link right now turkey sandwich is the link for the "guestbook" pageguestbook

fireplace mantle with objects on it, including many bottles, a dildo, and shells. can click this image to enter a page that says "come in! --flash warning if you click into the mantle
"DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK" bumper sticker"NEVER RUIN AN APOLOGY WITH AN EXCUSE" bumper sticker"Its never too late to have a happy childhood" bumper sticker"PANTS! What are they good for?" bumper sticker"This website looks best when viewed on COMPANY TIME" bumper sticker"LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION, JUST TELL US WHERE IT IS" bumper sticker"Lie to the government, its a felony - lie to us, its politics" bumper sticker"Failure is an opportunity to begin again more wisely" bumper sticker